20 years of activity in the sector continues with confidence and development.

How can we do better with our R & D team of successful designers and engineers? ROSIO Medical, always looking for answers to the question of creating its own product group always prioritizes the contribution of the end user's life.
ROSIO Medical, aiming to be unique with every product it develops, is one of the few organizations that carries out all of its products' design and engineering projects, production, sales and marketing activities and after-sales services.


Based on 20 years of trust and quality with fair trade growing tradition Rosio, offers products with active sales network throughout Turkey. Rosio emphasizes providing complete training and providing the necessary information to the reliable sales team, thus maintaining the sales system consistently.


ROSIO continues to work with great effort and team spirit to develop and modernize the products sold in the Medical Group with new and creative ideas. Rosio and its R & D team aim to keep itself up to date in parallel with continuously developing technological conditions, innovative developments in the world and changing consumption behaviors. Emphasizing its perspective and design language in its product range, ROSIO reflects its brand perception to the medical sector with all its strength.


 Rosio Medikal, İdo Yenikapı Terminali,

Orhan GAZİ, Osman GAZİ,

Turgut ÖZAL, Adnan MENDERES gemilerinde,

Marmara Park Avm ve İdo Bursa terminal

Provides service with professional sales team.