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Rosio Skin Master

Rosio Skin Master offers you enjoying skin care at home.
Extended pores and blackheads are common and quite bothersome skin problems. The oil secreted by our skin, the make-up remains and the particles arising from environment pollution fill our pores. When they contact with air, they are oxidized thereby becoming black.


          Being called comedon as well, these black spots form in this way. There are numerous methods used to eliminate the black spots. However, the most proper method is a skin care and cleaning application which need to be performed as a process.
          Thanks to Rosio Skin Master, you will be able to refresh your skin on your own.
          Using the device properly will be enough to make you feel the difference in your skin.
          Squeezing the comedones or trying to remove them using different apparatuses may lead to permanent skin damages. Therefore, ideal skin care with Rosio Skin Master should be as follows.

          1. 1. Before using Rosio Skin Master, your skin needs to be soft and your pores need to be open. If you wish, you can apply it after shower or use in fomentation form with a damp towel.*
          2. 10-minute fomentation will make your skin ready for the application.
          3. You can extract the dirt in your pores with Skin Master after the pores soften and open.

          4. You can prefer one of the heads designed based on the sensitivity of your skin and the application area. Furthermore, the device offers you speed alternatives.

          5. As your pores are open and clean following the vacuum process, applying a facial mask will be appropriate for nourishing and moistening your skin further. *
          6. After the mask, you can clean your skin throughly and tighten your pores, using tonic. *
          7.  The last step of your skin care is to apply moisturizing cream to your eye contour and face.*
          When necessary, you can repeat this skin care process with a great comfort at home.
          Using the device properly will be enough to make you feel the remarkable difference in your skin.

          * We advise you to use Ecowell Liquid Facial Cleansing Soap with Organic Orange Oil at the beginning of the process.
          * Our recommendation for you is to apply the following products of Ecowell as well: Ecowell Rejuvenating and Moisturizing Face Mask
          * Ecowell Diamond Organic Chamomile Face Tonic.
          * Ecowell Ultra Moisturizing Eco Bio Skin Care Cream.

          Rosio Face Master

          Rosio Face Master is a new generation rejuvenating skin care device designed, and engineered in our country. Besides, the device is produced in Rosio production facilities in Turkey.

          Face Master offers tens and vibration massage as well as the healing and rejuvenating effect of infrared rays on skin tissue.

          Infrared rays stimulate the dermis layer of skin with heat and trigger collagen production in the stimulated area. With the increased collagen production, that area becomes more elastic and recovers.


          Effect mechanisms of infrared rays vary depending on their colors. Face Master radiates infrared rays in three colors.

          1. Red Ray:

          • Brightens the pale and damaged skin.

          • Creates anti-aging effect and rejuvenates.

          • Narrows the expanded pores.

          2.Blue Ray:

          • Eliminates bacteria.

          • Minimizes acne.

          3.Purple Ray:

          • It is the combination of blue and red rays under the effect of phototherapy.

          • This combination helps minimize the acnes and repair the skin.

          Like infrared rays, one of the most influential therapy practices of the traditional Chinese Medicine, tens method contributes to removal of mimics and the aging marks on our skin by stimulating the facial muscles and raising the collagen production.

          Tens method is based on the principle that the electric current given via skin stimulates the nervous system and muscles. It makes the muscles in the application area work.

          The device speeds up the blood circulation thereby stimulating the muscles gently and causing the nourishment of the tissue in the application area while it stimulates our skin with tens method. The tissue is nourished and strengthens.

          As the facial muscles gain strength, the tissue tightens and leading to a more vigorous appearance.

          You will feel the tightening and relaxation by the virtue of this vibrant massage therapy that you can apply to your face and neck using the vibration feature as well as Tens aspect.

          Rosio Face Master that can be also used against the sagging and deformations on the face is available for your beauty.

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          Rosio Beauty Set

          Rosio Skin Master

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          Ecowell Face Tonic

          he Ecowell Face Tonic containing organic chamomile extract and organic myrtle water, brings spring breeze and energy to your skin. This special blend cleanses excess sebum on your skin, helps cleaning pores, purifies, revitalizes and soothes your skin. Ecowell Face Tonic helps to prevent the formation of acne and black spots thanks to organic myrrh water which is available in the high rates in it. It is suitable for all types of skin.

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          Ecowell Face Mask

          It moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin with the help of Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Vitamin B5 in it. ̇It helps to eliminate thin lines, revives skin and gives a youthful look. It provides moisture and care to the skin, thanks to Amino Acid Sodium PCA, which is also contained in the skin's natural structure and helps to preserve the natural structure of the skin.

          Hyaluronic acid, which is contained in the skin's own structure, has the ability to hold water with a very high capacity. For this reason, it allows the skin to be elastic, smooth, brilliant and vibrant. Aloe Vera Extract cleanses, softens and moisturizes the skin. It reduces signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, and gives the skin a healthy, youthful and beautiful look. Panthenol (also known as Provitamin B5) has a natural ability to moisturize, relieve and renew skin.

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          Ecowell Liquid Facial

          Refreshing and regenerating Ecowell facial cleansing fluid; cleans deeply the skin and makeup protecting the skin's pH value and without damaging the lipid layer. It removes dirt and excess sebum on the skin. It has a soft creamy foam that does not dry the skin. Organic myrrh water in it cleans, purifies and brings brilliance to the skin. Organic orange oil feeds and protects the skin. It is recommended to remove eye and face make-up remnants. It does not dry the skin thanks to its organic content and sensitive formula. 

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          Ecowell Face Cream

          Anti aging cream to help reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. It aims to tighten the skin and increase the elasticity of the skin. Ginkgo biloba tree extracts and vitamin E in its content has a strong antioxidant property. It aims to protect the skin against the risk of premature aging. It protects the skin structure and gives the skin elasticity. Helps to restore smooth and brilliant appearance of the skin.