Rosio Medical

ROSIO Medical has been performing its operations with a focus on reliability and development for 20 years.

ROSIO Medical always seeks the answer of "How we can do it better" with its successful designers and engineers. As the company forms its product group, its priority is to make contribution to life of the end user.

Aiming to be unique with every product it developed, ROSIO Medical is one of the special institutions that performs the design and engineering projects, sales & marketing activities and after-sale services within its body.



Rosio Agriculture

In 2008, ROSIO AGRICULTURE founded modern fruit production facilities in Göynücek county of Amasya province and provided impetus to regional economy and particularly to employment in the area.
ROSIO Agriculture company is located at a distance of 1km from the road to Amasya province, Göynücek county, Kışlabeyi village within the borders of county town. It is the single enterprise of modern agriculture in Amasya country. Whole region comprises wetlands. Rosio Agriculture is an investment that is tracked most studiously in the region by special provincial administration and governorship.

Rosio succeeded a great employment volume after making this investment in a short period. Change in the socio-economic structure of the region was noticed shortly and supported substantially by the official authorities. Rosio Agriculture carries on its investments in the region and increases its production capacity. Now, our company makes production on a 289.093-meter area.

Our Team

We will continue our commercial life as a productive and successful organization with the positive contributions of our production, management and sales&marketing teams who establish qualified and constructive communications, to our corporate characteristics.


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Rosio Agriculture has a total of 43,106 apple tress and grows apples on a 92,920-square meter area.

EPrimary apple types are Mondial Gala, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Fuji Astek, Pink lady, Skarlet Supur and Amasya Apple.

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There are 4.200 cherry trees on an area of 2,620 m2. The types of cherries grown by Rosio Agriculture are Ziraat 900, Regina, Kordio and, Lambert.

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Rosio Agriculture grows a total of 770 walnut trees which are 7 years old, on 65,122-square meter area. The type of all walnuts is American Chandler.

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Agricultural land of Rosio Agriculture contains 620 jujube trees.

Rosio Organics

The basic mission of Rosio is to produce for a healthy life...
Rosio aims to make you healthier with organic personal care products as well as high-tech medical products.
Rosio brings you together with the organic personal care products which past the dermatological tests,
ICEA certified and not tested on animals.Be witness to the miracle of nature with Rosio Organics products.


Geliştirdiği yüksek teknoloji ürünleri ve kişisel bakım ürünleri ile hayatınıza kalite katan Rosio’dan ekolojik içeriğe sahip ve organik hammaddeler ile üretilen temizlik ürünleri Biorosio markası ile karşınızda.

Rosio, who advocates that a healthy life is a whole, offers health to your body, all other living spaces bring the miracles of nature through the brand of Biorosio.